What My Plants Are Teaching Me About Self-Love

Back when I worked for the State of Texas years ago, my boss told me that I should always keep a plant. She explained why by letting me know that having a plant would serve as a good indicator of how well I was taking care of myself. It made sense to me then but it makes more sense to me now. I tried my hand at keeping plants when we first moved to Dallas back in 2018. This new journey started off well, but then eventually my plants died because I wasn’t being consistent with taking care of them. I also didn’t take the time that I needed to learn how to care for each plant fully which also made me feel somewhat defeated. A lot of things come naturally for me, but I am also a firm believer that I can do or learn anything that I put my mind to with good intention. When spring started this year, I set an intention to start learning more about gardening and plant care. For both my birthday and Mother’s Day last month, my husband and oldest son bought me some plants as gifts. My heart smiled with gratitude as I knew that this time I would follow through with consistently taking care of my plants as well as take the time to learn exactly how to do so. 

Yesterday I re-potted one of my plants that has grown a lot in a short amount of time. This experience was somewhat of an awakening moment for me. I wanted to wait another week to do this but I knew that if I did, my plant would probably die like some of my other ones had done when I failed to put them in bigger pots when they outgrew their old one. I realized that this thought process was connected to my own subconscious thoughts about myself. I am at this place right now where I am being challenged to grow again and embrace a new chapter in my life.  I have a great job doing something that I love, my business is growing, my family is straight, I’m creating meaningful art, my health is up to par, and overall life is pretty good. It would be easy to take more time to just chill and be comfortable right now, especially since school is out for summer. However, I know that I am being called to do more.  I feel that calling deep within my soul. If I choose to ignore it like I have done before in the past, a part of me will die. Not literally like my plants will if I keep them in small pots but figuratively. As I reflect on some of my past battles with depression when I wasn’t in alignment with my soul mission, I remember how hard I fought to leave that place. I remember the nights I couldn’t sleep and the days I spent sad questioning what my purpose in life was. Now that I am aware and in alignment, I must continue to grow and do what I am called to do. Realizing this but also taking action has been a lesson in self-love for me. Truly loving myself means allowing myself the space that I need to grow and fully bloom into my highest potential. As I looked at my plant’s roots that needed care, I gave thanks for my new book, The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou. In this book, I’m acknowledging my roots and shining light on how that part of my process has been instrumental on my healing journey. I gave thanks again and made a commitment to honor this new chapter of my journey as a published author, devote time to learning, be consistent, and allow myself to grow and flourish like my plants. I’m a bit nervous, I can’t even lie but I am excited to see what else God has in store for The Book of Corinthian.


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  1. This blog resonates with me as I too have started speaking life into my plants and myself. One of my plants that was once dying is now growing and vibrant. I now know I have a “green thumb” for plants and for my life in general! Thank you

    1. Yes, goddess!!! This makes my heart smile! You definitely do! Whatever you touch will turn to gold. I truly believe that, you are the light!

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