What if God is a Woman?

I didn’t know what love was

Until I knew who God was

I use to think that He

Was this big harsh man

Holding a book staring down from above

But what if God is a woman?

I believe that He is

Not in the literal sense

There is the masculine and the feminine

Universal laws of gender

In Genesis God said, “Let there be light”

And then light there was

If God was a man then we would need to see light bulbs

Is it coincidental that women can only give life

So If God is all masculine

Then He must have a wife

Women can create anything quick

Give us groceries and we prep meals for the week

Give us sugar and we make everything sweet

Give us sperm and we labor a child

Give us a brush and we paint the town

We were not created for the hustle and bustle

The masculine is the muscle

We are silent creators

Caring and loving

And oh how discreet we can be

For centuries the majority of the population

Has believed that God is a man that we can’t see

If God is like me

And I am like He

And She

Then we

The masculine and the feminine

Make up all energy

I often hear God in nature

I see Him everywhere to

She is most beautiful Spirit

I receive and I listen clearly

God is like me

And a goddess like me is









She is the divine feminine

The nurturer, the lover, the flow

Of a stream serene

The only individual with ability to

Bring the spiritual into the physical

Formed with the breath of life

For She is life

A goddess like me

God is like me

-The Book of Corinthian

P.S. I recently performed this piece last night and a few weeks ago. If you’d like to check me out performing it while doing a live painting, you can here .


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