Use What You Got

Where will I get the money to do this? When will I find the time to do it all? How will I get the resources that I need? Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? When God showed me the vision for my life I found myself asking all of the above on several occasions. Sometimes these thoughts creep back up on me when I find myself getting overwhelmed. Then I remember this, God will not give you a vision without providing all you need to bring it into fruition. I know it’s not always so easy to just blindly trust when you can’t see how things are going to work out, but one thing we can do is use what we have.

Last month I really wanted to paint but I didn’t have anymore canvases and all of my paint brushes were ruined. I needed to buy more supplies but my budget did not allow for me to get the more expensive canvases that I wanted to try out. Even if I did have the funds, I didn’t have the time to get to the store. I needed to paint right then! I looked around and grabbed a plain black end table that we had in our living room. I poured paint on it and used my hands, a straw, and a pipe cleaner to paint and add details to it. Pretty soon I looked up and was proud of my new creation. Turns out I didn’t need brushes or canvases to make it after all. By using what I had I was able to create something more amazing than I would have with the canvases. I created something new. Since that day, my art has expanded to new levels. A few days later the expensive canvases that I wanted went on sale and I was able to get more than I would have if I had the funds that day that I initially wanted to buy them. I’ve created my best paintings since. I’ve also had more opportunities to grow as an artist and I’ve sold more paintings. Because often I do art therapy when I paint, I was able to heal some of the traumas that I didn’t even know still affected me. Just think what if I had decided to complain about not having canvases that day and just stopped painting? I wouldn’t have been able to grow and receive more. Every since then I’ve been able to apply this lesson to fulfilling my purpose in life. I need to do what God placed me here to do. Instead of worrying about the things that I don’t have yet, I’ve been using what I have. Instead of stressing about the goals that I have not achieved yet, I’m celebrating the ones I have a little more and I’m spending more time cultivating the gifts and platforms that I’ve been blessed with already. I want to encourage you to do the same. Use what you have now and be open to allowing the Divine to blow your mind with what’s to come. I’m pretty sure it will be better than you imagine, because God is just that big!

Here’s a photo of the table that I painted. My family loved it. Since painting this our whole living room has been redecorated and refurnished. Change is good. Let me know what you think of this and of today’s message. One love❣️

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