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There have been seasons of my life where I’ve been dead set on proving people wrong. During those seasons I was stuck! I now realize that it was my intention that kept me in this sunken place. The energy that births your intention is typically the energy that you see in the results. No longer am I concerned with proving anyone wrong. I’m now committed every day to wake up and prove myself right. I’m dedicated to prove that the Creator was right when choosing me for this assignment and for gifting me with all I need to fulfill it. When I die I want to be able to say that I used every single thing that God gave me from my family all the way to my spiritual and physical gifts. On my dying day I want to be able to hold my hands up saying, “I don’t have none left God! It’s all gone! I’m tired boss but I’ll go back if you need me to!” Just like that!

At the end of the day my divine assignment is not about me anyway. It’s about the kingdom. It’s about serving on days that I don’t feel like it. It’s about spreading love and bringing joy and healing to others. It’s about showing compassion, learning, sharing knowledge and wisdom, uplifting, motivating, inspiring, and empathizing. It’s about elevating the consciousness of the planet so that the future generations can live a better life. I believe that we are all here to do this in some way or another. There is something special in each one of us! God loves us and wants the best for us! All we have to do is be available. Say this simple affirmation with me today, “I am available. Use me God.” Sending you blessings and love today!

-A page from The Book of Corinthian

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