Tips for Surviving Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde, and Cosmic Shifts

With the solar eclipse and new moon on July 2nd and Mercury Retrograde beginning on July 7th-July 31st, its been a lot to keep up with. The cosmic shifts and new downloads have been intense, yet fulfilling all in the same. The new moon reset the clock for the next 6 months while the solar eclipse shined light on the new portal for ascension designed to shift our planet further into the next dimension. Mercury Retrograde tends to get a bad rep being known as a time for discord in communication and things seeming to go wrong. For sensitive souls, empaths, lightworkers, and healers this can be a season of intense emotions, heightened senses, increased psychic abilities, intuitive dreams, and sleeplessness sprinkled with waves of anxiety. However, this time of enlightenment is not to be feared, but to be lived. These are challenging times yet exciting ones, so let’s make the best of these new opportunities of growth. Here are some tips to stay grounded and centered during this month of transition.

Stay Hydrated

This is definitely the season to carry a water bottle and keep it filled! In addition to drinking lots of water, coconut water is also excellent for hydration. If you like drinking herbal teas, try drinking them cold or at room temperature if the heat discourages you from drinking hot beverages.

Consume Healthy Foods

Ensure that you are nourishing your physical body with more whole foods, leafy greens, and fresh fruit for added fuel, nutrients, and a clean digestive tract to keep from feeling sluggish and drained. We tend to exert a lot of energy during these seasons either consciously or unconsciously and we need to refuel our bodies to keep up with the changes. 

More Iron

In addition to consuming healthy foods, make sure some of those foods are rich in iron such as spinach, broccoli, beans, quinoa, and dark chocolate. Also consider taking an iron supplement. I recently started using Floravital, an herbal iron supplement, after learning that my iron was low and that my body does not agree well with the iron pills prescribed by my previous provider. Iron levels are important for increasing our energy. I notice that I often feel tired when my iron is low no matter how much sleep I get.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C aids in iron absorption and can also be helpful in fighting off the dreaded summer colds. Colds manifest first in the spiritual and then in the body when we are trying to take on a lot at one time. Citrus fruits, kale, broccoli, red peppers, and tomatoes are great sources of vitamin C. Increasing vitamin C intake can also start helping with building up immunity for the upcoming colder months. 


If for only 5 minutes a day, prioritize quiet time with self to breath and listen to internal guidance. The veil between heaven and earth is thin during this time. If we get still and listen we will soon learn that the answers we are seeking are within. A lot is usually revealed to me in meditation but even more so during retrograde season. 


I know we live in a fast paced world where sleeping seems like a luxury because we have so much to do. I personally struggle with not wanting to sleep a lot because its been associated with laziness. However, sleep is necessary to recharge the body. With this also being an optimal time for heightened intuition and vivid dreams, pay attention to the new downloads from spirit that are presented to us through those dreams. 

Do Something You Love

Generally retrogrades are also optimal time for increased waves of creative energy. Whether you enjoy cooking, painting, drawing, designing, drawing, etc., tap into your creative side. The planet Mercury has an effect on communication and this is a great time to express yourself through some creative outlet. This will also help you feel alive and purposeful during a time that is often filled with chaos and challenges. 

Connect with Source

Get centered, still, and in alignment with the Creator. These times can often spark spiritual awakenings or forming a deeper connection with Source. 


Above all, love, love, and love some more. Let love pour from your heart in all that you do. When love is the motivation, you can’t go wrong.

Happy Mercury Retrograde! Blessings and Love,

Corinthian Elizabeth



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