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One thing I’ve learned through battling depression over the years is acceptance. Instead off resisting what I’m feeling or going through, I’ve become intentional in accepting what is going on in the present and using that awareness to create change. I’ve shared some of my experiences with depression on the blog in past posts, one in particular being Managing Postpartum Depression . Here recently this winter when I slowed down with posting new blogs I went through depression again. Some of it was due to the season changing, balancing my new pregnancy with baby #3, and the challenges that came with the changes in Legend’s health. My mental state is much better now and I’ve compiled a list of some tips that have helped me on this journey.


Taking a few minutes to read something positive daily helps with keeping your mind stimulated in some way. Even if you aren’t fully absorbing the material, the subconscious mind is programming happy thoughts and higher vibrating words and images that turn receptors on in the brain to find joy and be happy. Spiritual texts and devotionals help me along with inspirational blog posts and online magazines.

Limiting Social Media

Theodore Roosevelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Scrolling social media for an extended period of time may result in making personal comparisons to what’s being shown on one’s timeline. You see someone post a new house, new car, pregnancy announcement, engagement photos, new job, etc. and you’re happy for them. After you hit “like” you begin comparing your life and feeling that you’re behind or that you need to do or “be” more. You feel validated in this feeling but it’s not true. Who you are and trusting your process is always enough. Everyone has their own journey in reaping the harvest the Creator has for them at the appointed time. If you must use social media, allow it to be for inspiration versus comparison.


Open the blinds every single day. Turn lights on in the house, at least the room that you’re occupying. Dark rooms keep us in a state of gloom. Light helps with waking up us and alerting us of the possibilities of the new day.

Tidying Up

Maybe you don’t have the energy to get out scrub brushes, dust, mop, and such while going through a battle with depression. I get it. A less subtle approach to cleaning can be making it a priority to push past procrastination and tidy up your space each day. This will help increase your energy and with clearing your mind. Make your bed each day, pick up the clothes off the floor, and do the dishes at the very least. I notice that whenever I clean anything big or small, I get a wave of fresh energy bringing in new thoughts. These thought usually lead me to do something else that helps with taking care of my mental health.


Depression can stem from living in the past including regret over past decisions, resentment of other’s actions done in the past, constantly pondering what would have happened had things gone differently, not allowing self to grieve and heal from trauma, and increased sadness over events that have already occurred. The past is just that, the past. It has already gone by and cannot be changed. Meditation helps with bringing back our awareness to the present moment which is really all that we have. Check out some of the Benefits of Meditation if you haven’t already for more on this.


Making a gratitude list can help with seeing what is already present for you to be grateful for. In doing this you welcome in more to express thanks for you. Doing this for 21 days can help make expressing gratitude a habit which will change your quality of life.


This is a chance to be completely open and honest about how and what you feel without judgement. When we honor our emotions we become more aware of the energy that moves us and motivates our actions. In doing so we are able to make more intentional choices that lead to more inspired action. Journaling affirmations is helpful too in speaking positively over your life and signaling your brain to think in a new way. Here are some affirmations that have helped me with depression in these past blog posts, Affirmations for Depression and Postpartum Affirmations.


I’ve noticed that when I get depressed I crave sugary foods. In studying about food addictions and reflecting over my own personal experiences, I’ve found that this craving for sugar actually stems from a desire to express love. When we have a desire to love that’s not being expressed it’s usually because our heart chakra is blocked. Eating green leafy and cruciferous vegetables (spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli, etc.) helps with opening the heart chakra. These vegetables also help clear the digestive tract eliminating waste that has been building up. When we rid our body of this back up, our mental, physical, and spiritual health are all optimized. Decreasing sugar intake and increasing water intake are helpful as well.

Plans for Change

It may be difficult to do this at first but starting somewhere can be a step in the right direction. Taking time to do an honest self reflection over your life can open our eyes to see what factors we need to change in our lives to live the life that we desire. These changes can be lifestyle changes, applying for a new job, plans for a move, or simply creating new routines. If we don’t like the way that something is going we always have the power to make a choice and then make a change.


I know that most mental health professionals suggest seeing a therapist immediately. Seeking therapy is a great idea and has proven to be helpful for many people. I’ve seen a therapist before in the past. I listed this last because this can take more time to find the right therapist to meet one’s specific needs. I also know that it can be hard to leave the house when depressed. All previous suggestions can be done without leaving home until one is ready to make an appointment for therapy.

Any content on this blog is not to replace medical advice from a professional. I simply share what has worked for me and pray that anyone reading may be able to find a sentence or two that can help them on their journey.

Peace and Love,

Corinthian Elizabeth

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