The Truth About Death

Here is a poem from my journal about my womb journey…


The representation of stillbirth in my life

Was me


I thought that it was

My vision

Or my business

But it was me


Why did Halo live longer

Than Nova?

Because my masculine energy 

Is most dominant

I haven’t even scratched

The surface

Of the goddess energy 

That lives within me

Who died, but was still born?

It was me


Baby Nova, my Legacy

Let’s me know 

There is still much more 

In store

That I haven’t even dreamed

That’s why she wasn’t visible

That day on the ultrasound screen

Just the little pieces that represent

The fragments of my imagination

On what I think I can be 

And all of that which is me


But I haven’t even seen

All that is to come

For I will be reborn

-The Genesis


Tune in for The Truth About Death podcast episode

I still be writing poems, I still be painting girls…

This painting is the featured image in this blog post. It has my old locs from my first loc journey. 

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