The Rainbow

It’s been raining off and on way more than usual here lately. My old self always hated rainy days for many reasons. I wouldn’t so much as step outside for fresh air let alone go anywhere. Before I shaved my hair off, getting my hair wet was a no. Correction it was a hell no and that was for my permed hair and my natural hair. I would also sleep late and procrastinate when it came to doing anything productive. Now having a greater sense of awareness, I know the reason that I’m more affected by rainy weather is because I’m an empath. I feel everything. I feel the hurt and the sorrow the rain washes away. I feel the procrastination, laziness, and sadness that others have too regarding rainy days. Now that I know this, I use rainy days to heal. I use them to cry. I use them to wash away the sorrow, the sadness, and the grime. Typically after rainy days now I’m always much better than I was prior to the rain. I see them for what they are and I make the best of them.

The rain is for cleansing so today I made peace as it washed away my sins another step towards freedom with my heart I made amends

Something else happened last week on one of the rainy days. I made a decision. I decided that on that particular day I wanted to see a rainbow. I made this decision while I was at work right in the middle of a challenging shift. I was frustrated for many reasons with the shift and about ready to just call the day a wash, but believing that I would see a rainbow gave me some hope and a bit of encouragement to persevere and finish strong. My shift ended, the rain had stopped, and I did not see a rainbow anywhere in sight. I took the bus home staring out the window hoping that a rainbow would appear. About 20 stops later, still no rainbow. My bus route ended and I began to walk the rest of the distance home. I was looking down at the ground in deep thought and a huge smile crept across my face. There it was, not one but two rainbows. Not only did I see a rainbow in the physical, I also saw one in my life figuratively. In this moment I was reminded of God’s promise. I knew that with everything that I was going through that I would be okay and like the rainbow something beautiful would come out of it all. I proceeded to walk home and upon arrival I was greeted by not one, but three sets of open arms and a lot of kisses from my family. I forgot about the rough day that I had and nothing else seemed to matter either, just the unconditional love around me. Just as the rainbow reminded me of God’s unconditional love.

As I continue evolving, I can appreciate rain more. Rain helps vegetation grow, it helps me do the same. Rain helps to cleanse the earth and cool it down which in turn helps me to cleanse my heart and slow down from the everyday grind and put things into perspective. I pray that you too can see the beauty in your rainy days and that you also see your rainbow soon. I love you. Thanks for reading.

Even when you hold your head down, I still see your halo. At the end of every storm, there’s always a rainbow.

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  1. 2 Rainbows! One for you and one because God knows that you are always so willing to hand rainbows to others who needed to see a rainbow as well! God bless sis!

    1. Awww thank you so much soul sista! I receive that blessing!! Thanks for stopping by! Continue to be blessed!

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