The Power of Gratitude Podcast Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 of Backpacks and Hairwraps is here! In episode 1 of season, The Power of Gratitude, I am sharing how incorporating gratitude in my daily life has helped me along my journey of evolution. When we are grateful, life responds by giving us more to be grateful for. When we complain, life gives us more to complain about. It is my prayer that you too experience the magical power of gratitude’s exponential benefits and create a positive shift in your life. You can listen to this episode directly on The Book of Corinthian App or on whatever platform you normally listen to your podcasts on. The Backpacks and Hairwraps podcast is available on every podcast platform! 

The Backpacks and Hairwraps podcast is free to listen to on all platforms. The Book of Corinthian App is free to download and use as well on both IOS and Android. Feel free to show love and support for by rocking some of our new merch! 

Podcast meditations will now be uploaded to Youtube. Subscribe to The Book of Corinthian’s Youtube Channel to be notified when “The Power of Gratitude” meditation video is available.  

The featured book in this podcast episode is titled “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. Reading this book for a few days at a time has always changed my life drastically in a positive way. This month, I am determined to read it consistently each day until I complete it. I can only imagine the transformation that will come from enhancing my gratitude practice. Grab a copy if you’re ready and willing to take your gratitude journey to another level. 

Lastly, please send in voice notes of your feedback from this podcast episode by using this link. I would love to hear from you and feature your voice note in an upcoming episode! 

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