The Plug

Here lately I’ve developed this poor habit of falling asleep without putting my phone on the charger. When I start the next day my phone is already in the yellow zone or sometimes on red signaling that it needs to be charged as soon as possible. I start the cycle of putting my phone on the charger for a little bit and then I take it off when I need to use it. I sit the phone down and do something else. I get another low battery notification and I repeat this same cycle. My phone never fully charges and sometimes it dies completely if I’m out and about. There are instances where I want to just pick up my phone and read an ebook for 30 minutes or listen to a full album. Sometimes these moments can’t happen because I need to have my phone on the charger to do so. If I would have charged my phone to 100% at night I would have a more successful chance at keeping my phone charged throughout the day and getting the best usage out of it.

Today in particular this cycle annoyed me more than ever. Then I thought how often do I do this to myself? There are some days that I start the day with my personal battery low. I wake up late and immediately start moving around. I may say a quick prayer or take a few meditative breaths but I don’t take the time to get still and fill my spirit. I find that by the time I cook breakfast I’m already feeling slightly burnt out and more frustrated about the tasks that lie ahead for the day. By noon I’m ready for the kids to take their nap so that I can finish anything on my to do list before it’s time to get ready for work. Then by the time I’m heading to work I’m already thinking of when it’s time to get off and I’ll be able to relax a little. On days like this, I get the job done nonetheless but I’m still pouring from an empty cup and not functioning at my absolute best. However, when I start my day with prayer and meditation, I feel refreshed by starting my day at 100% because I’ve plugged into my Power Source first. I’m then able to pour from an overflowing cup by functioning at my best with an abundance of love to give to myself and my family while doing so. Who knew that my cell phone’s battery life would remind me of the importance of plugging into my Source daily and keeping my spiritual batteries charged?

“To radiate with joy, peace, and love

I must remember that God is the Plug”

-The Book of Corinthian

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