The Day I Subbed in Music Class

Around this time last year I was substitute teaching, waiting tables, and making strides with my art by expanding my business and brand. In this blog I’m sharing a poem that I wrote titled “The Day I Subbed in Music Class” describing one of my experiences substitute teaching. I’ve felt every emotion possible on this journey since my awakening when God gave me a vision for creating change in education three years ago when I quit my job working for the state of Texas in the residential childcare contracts division as a program specialist. On this particular day that I was the substitute, I knew that I needed to get in the classroom as a full time teacher and that I needed to do it ASAP.

The Day I Subbed in Music Class

I was told that the kids were bad

I was cautioned to take names

For the principal to call moms and dads

I was warned that the 3C students

Would be nothing but trouble

And if I could get them to behave

Then I must be some kind of lucky

The day I subbed in music class wasn’t as bad

As some of the staff tried to make it seem

In fact by time class 3C got to me

My perspective had changed on everything

The day I subbed in music class

I learned the students weren’t bad at all

As we started coloring

The kids told me about their life at home

They shared with me some of their biggest dreams

They even opened up to me about their feelings

They all softened my heart and through our art

We all ended up healing

The day I subbed in music class

Wasn’t so bad at all

In fact this was the day I answered my wake up call

I realized the children don’t need more lectures

They surely don’t need the constant fuss

Besides crayons and paper

All they really need is love

-Corinthian Elizabeth


Three weeks after giving birth to Freedom I started my journey as the art teacher at a middle school in Oak Cliff back in August of this year. Since then life has been moving along rather quickly and it still feels surreal that I’m teaching nearly 300 students. I’ve been teaching my students how to express their emotions through art, knowledge of self, and we’ve been practicing mindfulness through meditation. My students are healing, becoming more confident as artists, and believing in their abilities to accomplish their goals.I’ll be sharing more about my journey as it continues.

Here are some of the pictures the students drew as we colored together. My hair was a greenish blue color then as you can see from their drawings.

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