Be True, Be Free

Don’t hold emotions in When you want to scream Don’t hold back tears When you want to cry Don’t nod yes When you want to ask why That creates resistance In the instant That you express yourself truthfully You are able to be free Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian Featured …


Today I’ve been gifted a fresh start A new opportunity to open my heart Clearer vision for what lies ahead Peace for what has passed me by And contentment with what I have now Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian


Featured Painting: “Panic” Poetry: “Paranoia” Everyone’s out to get me Everyone’s watching me Everyone’s waiting to see What I’ll do next Everyone’s thinking about me Including my ex Everyone is mad at me Everyone points the blame Everyone doubts I’m sane   Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian

Dead End

Featured Painting: “Fears” Poetry: “Dead End” Where did this desire to control come from? When did my ego come and take over? How could I get big headed And forget my Source? Why am I talking so much That I can’t hear my voice? Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love”, The Book of Corinthian

Thoughts of the Anxious

I should be a better person I should be a complete woman I should be further in my career I should me more than an organ donor I should already be accomplished I should be closer to God I should be in better shape I should eat healthier I should have a clear face I …

Poetry Series #2 “After the Pain Comes Power”

Flow Healing is a journey There is no end Knowledge is infinite Without beginning Wisdom continues Everything comes full circle That is the flow of life Painting titled “Healing” Beautiful Chaos I’d think Spirit is abstract too As somehow all messes in my life End up being beautiful Pain creates strength Ignorance births wisdom Each event …

Poetry Series #1 “Purpose In the Pain”

Stepping Stones  What if you could fast forward to the end   And see that every tear, every failure, every disappointment  Was all worth it?  Would you believe that each twist and turn  Yields a lesson to be learned?  Would you believe that every set back  Is merely a stepping stone?  If you saw all that has to take place   Would you keep on keeping on?  Along the …