The Promise

Today marks Beauty in the Bayou’s 6 month anniversary and today Freedom is 18 months old! Read more to see why I published my debut book on my daughter’s birthday along with my encounter with a prophet several years ago that let me know what would happen when she was born.

My Soul Teacher Lesson #10: They That Wait

I had just finished my morning prayer, meditation, and reading. I picked up my phone and had received this encouraging message from a dear friend of mine. She wishes to remain anonymous, however, I will say that she is a devoted wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, and friend. Most of all she loves God and is …

Just a Little

How do you forge through When you can’t see the other side How can you keep marching When you’re unsure of the prize I’ll tell you how It’s called faith When you walk by it It’s impossible to stay In the same place Corinthian Elizabeth “All That is Love” The Book of Corinthian