May I be quick to empathize May I learn to forgive Open up my heart and Guide me to use my gift To make earth A better place to live Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian Featured Painting: “Forgiveness”


Grounded May I be confident in my vision As I manifest into fruition May I create with my heart And share all the love Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian


Balanced I am grounded in truth I am connected to the Divine I am authentically empowered By the Light Force inside Featured Painting: “Balance” Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian  


Non-judgment May I speak with purpose May I listen without judgment May I love without limits And see the beauty in all others Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian


All I face my fears I embrace my pain I love my journey My tears were not in vain I am stepping along my path Light and free While living in abundance and prosperity Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian


Free yourself of all worries Doubt cannot live here Do not be burdened by the future That is being handled Have no fear All you have is this moment now Just give your best Do what you can It will all work out Do not fret about tomorrow As the days come and go Learn …

15 Affirmations for Depression

In the spiritual sense, depression can have many deeply rooted causes. Some of those causes are: not being able to move on from the past resisting change believing that things should be happening differently and not accepting what is harboring resentment, regret, guilt, and shame deep in the subconscious not processing pain but instead attempting to mask it trying …


I submit to Thy will And accept the plan You have for me I am letting go And surrendering with ease I am thankful for Your love I am thankful for Your grace Use me to make this world a better place Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian


Featured Painting: “Depression” Emerging Wallowing in a deep dark sea At the hands of my oppressor I was under six feet Doing the most Reaping the lesser Feet kicking at this pavement A victim of my own enslavement Would this be the end of me My demise maybe Any possibility to swim up To the …


I am being restored. I am being prepared for all that I have prayed for that is in alignment with God’s will. I am being positioned to receive my heart’s desires that are manifesting into the physical realm. I am so thankful. And so it is! Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of …


I give thanks to the Creator from Whom all blessings flow I am open to receive all that You will have me to know I will use my hands to serve I will live from my heart and love I will find power in all that You made me of Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in …

Be True, Be Free

Don’t hold emotions in When you want to scream Don’t hold back tears When you want to cry Don’t nod yes When you want to ask why That creates resistance In the instant That you express yourself truthfully You are able to be free Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian Featured …

15 Affirmations for Anxiety

In one of my latest posts, I provided some methods that I have found helpful in managing anxiety. In the spiritual sense, anxiety can result from a lack of trust. This lack of trust shows up as a lack of trust in God, in self, in others, and in the process of life. Here are …


Today I’ve been gifted a fresh start A new opportunity to open my heart Clearer vision for what lies ahead Peace for what has passed me by And contentment with what I have now Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of Corinthian

10 Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety

I grew up believing that mental illness and mental disorders only looked like straight jackets, prescription pills, and psychiatric hospitals, or the “crazy house” as those around me would say. This was partially due to images depicted on television. Another reason being the environment that I grew up in and seeing my family members suffer …

Checking In…Let’s Talk Mental Health

I started this blog in hopes to share my art, poetry, and inspirational messages holding the belief, love heals all. I had a vision to open up and share a part of my heart and encourage you to heal. Almost two months in and in turn blogging has helped me heal, get inspired, and speak …

Thoughts of the Anxious

I should be a better person I should be a complete woman I should be further in my career I should me more than an organ donor I should already be accomplished I should be closer to God I should be in better shape I should eat healthier I should have a clear face I …