Shadow Work and The Healer’s Journey

In the age of social media, healing may appear to be these glorious yoga retreats, picturesque spiritual baths, and pretty crystals alongside song bowls. In reality, healing also requires work. Some of that work being shadow work. Shadow work is the process of confronting your deepest fears, trauma, pain, and anything else that you attempt to hide from. It is literally facing your shadow or the dark parts of your soul. Healing is not a one time fix all solution, it happens in phases and in different stages of your journey. Its an ongoing process to heal and become whole on this journey to freedom. It entails learning, unlearning, and deep introspection in various pursuits. I was involved in a period of deep shadow work back in 2017 when I went back home to stay with my parents in Louisiana. I had just went through a spiritual awakening after coming out of my battle with Postpartum Depression. I thought that I’d get to go home and get everyone in to meditating, eating healthy, balancing their chakras, and what not. To my surprise I found out that I also needed to face my truth and do the inner work to release the chains that had me enslaved both mentally and spiritually. In this process of doing so, I wrote my first book, The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou.

I encourage anyone that is starting their spiritual journey or anyone that is serious about their healing process to start with doing shadow work. Some ways to do this include meditating and journaling. Other ways include chakra healing and various types of therapy. The process of shadow work will not look the same for everyone as each person has their own set of experiences that have shaped them thus far. Though the process may vary, the goal of freedom can still be achieved for anyone that is willing to go deep within and do the work required to heal themselves.

I share a bit more about my new book on my YouTube channel in this video

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