Corinthian is an intuitive healing artist being clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She offers the following one on one services to assist others on their journeys to being free, whole, and healed:

Corinthian enjoys sharing her gifts as an artist in any capacity that the Creator allows her to. She loves painting, rapping, and spitting poems while motivating and uplifting audiences. One of her most memorable performances was being a keynote speaker at the Mental Health Awareness Gala in Winnsboro, LA, the same town that her great grandfather was sold into slavery in. She used her paint brushes and poems to bring a message about overcoming her own mental health battles while encouraging others that they could do the same. Another memorable event was when she was the featured spoken word artist at the American Red Heart Association’s Black history program in Dallas, TX at 5 months pregnant. She addressed disparities in community health for minorities, shared her vision, and discussed initiatives for change through spoken word poetry.  Possibly her favorite experience to date, was leading meditations for three weeks in her school’s auditorium with over 800 students present to teach them mindfulness.

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Client Reviews

"The session was very informative considering it was my first session. I felt an immediate connection as well as a sense of relief knowing that Corinthian can relate to me. Since starting my mornings off with being thankful for just waking up and practicing my deep breathing through meditation, I've began to feel healing take place. Journaling has been a great way for me to address and process some past and reoccurring thoughts and feelings. I would definitely recommend Corinthian's services to all my family and friends. "
"I LOVE CORINTHIAN!!! She is a light that has shined on me personally when things were dim for me! Her teachings and coaching make me think clear and more broad. My mind doesn't seem limited when we speak. I have used her coaching to guide me in my next phase of life. I'll forever support anything she touches. "
"Corinthian and her work is absolutely amazing! She has helped me through one of the roughest phases of my life."