Raise Your Vibration 30 Day Commitment

I’ve been well aware of the social injustice here in America for quite some time now. It’s reflected in my art as well as in the work that I do. I am also knowledgeable of how the trauma that’s been passed down to us for generations is still affecting us, especially mentally and emotionally. By us, I specifically mean the black community. We as a people are hurting and we are tired. Seeing that more of the world is now awakening to the prevalence of racism made me dig deep within myself and remember why I am here right now. I was reminded of my life purpose and my desire to shine light in any way that I can. After working through every emotion possible over the weekend while processing the current events of more murders of innocent black people at the hands of police officers, I decided to come up with a 30 Day Raise Your Vibration Commitment. Our words are also energy so I chose to name this a commitment instead of a challenge. When we say that something is a challenge we automatically associate it with being hard. When we use the word commitment we give energy to being dedicated to something. In order to transcend this vicious cycle of racism, we have to heal. One way to do that is by raising our vibration in becoming more mindful of ourselves. When we raise our own vibration, we in turn help raise the vibration of those around us. When the collective energy raises, the earth begins operating on higher frequencies. It’s just how energy works. As we become more mindful and present, we raise our awareness and our emotional intelligence. We can then make more conscious decisions and take inspired action when we are committed to being mindful and healing ourselves. So, my question for you is, do you want to hurt or do you want to heal? If you choose healing, please join me in this 30 day commitment.

Since you’ve read this far, I want to know are you committed? If so, start now. It doesn’t matter what day it is. All that matters is that you start and give your best over the next 30 days at raising your vibration. I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe that we will rise up and win. The paradigm is shifting and we must shift too. Be blessed💖

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