Poetry Series #1 “Purpose In the Pain”

Stepping Stones 

What if you could fast forward to the end  

And see that every tear, every failure, every disappointment 

Was all worth it? 

Would you believe that each twist and turn 

Yields a lesson to be learned? 

Would you believe that every set back 

Is merely a stepping stone? 

If you saw all that has to take place  

Would you keep on keeping on? 

Along the good path. 

Would you believe that your bad 

Is working for your good? 

Even though at first you misunderstood 

That the lessons were blessings. 

Would you believe that life is an exciting adventure 

Designed to assist your soul in evolution? 

Or would you trust in the silence of the foreseen revolution? 

Do you believe that the adversity and tragedy 

Are all necessary 

Elements for your character and spiritual development? 

Would you believe that you can indeed 

Fast forward by picturing in your mind 

Your deepest desires and create all that is required 

For your contentment in this human experience? 

Well, you can! You can! 

Stop and envision yourself making better decisions 

And you living the life that you seek right now! 

Be prepared to go on a ride! 

Enjoy every moment with as many smiles, 

Take in every breath,  

Delight in each step 

Towards your destiny 

As you write your story. 


Painting titled “Journey”


I see the Light 

Is it a possibility 

That I’ve been put in this situation  

To humble me? 

Or could it be 

That I’ve been placed in this position  

To have the opportunity to listen 

To the voice of Spirit 

So that I may see clearer, 

Get more in tune with who I am, 

Develop into a better woman, and 

Build tenacity and resiliency 

All resulting in a higher version of me? 


 Painting titled “Growth”



Finding my Wings 

These fears are not mine 

These thoughts do not belong to me 

I miss days in the womb 

When Spirit and will were in harmony 

These fears are not my own 

Intangibles that hinder me from trying 

Deep down I know  

I have the potential to be flying 

Therefore I shall rise 

And exceed my expectations 

I cannot allow fear to stand in the way of  

Me reaching greatness




Once mad at the things that lead to my depression 

Little did I know that further caused mental oppression 

As I cannot hate those very things 

That shaped me and lead me to be  

Who I am today 

A heart full of rage 

And fear does not serve me anymore 

I have to forgive to heal 

So that I may live 

From a place of love 

Love is the only thing that’s real 


Painting titled “Forgiveness”


All For Good

As I felt desperation 

In the isolation 

Of the pieces of my journey 

Unaware of the divinity 

In connecting all the pieces 

That were most suitable for learning 

Each experience was building me 

Preparing me to succeed 

After the desperation that lead 

To my frustration 

I came to the realization 

That I was being built  

And not broken



Painting titled “Trust the Process”


When a new building is being built to replace an old building, the construction team has to tear down the old one. After tearing down the old building, the debris must be cleared up and the foundation has to be restored before the process to build the new building can even begin. Then comes the lengthy process of building the new structure based on the floor plans and complexity of the design. As a new version of me was emerging, all of the old had to be torn down first. I had to let go of fear, move on from the past, change old habits, forgive myself, and forgive others. That process has been messy and has been happening gradually over some time now. As my process continues, I am being restored and built from the ground up. I want you to know too to trust your process. You may not have all of the answers today or tomorrow. Just know that everything that you’re going through has purpose. You too have the power to turn your pain into power, frustration into faith, and sorrow into solutions.  

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing this space with me. I pray that you receive this with love.  May we keep growing and evolving together.  

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Corinthian Elizabeth 

“All Gifts in Love”, The Book of Corinthian 



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