Poetry Series #2 “After the Pain Comes Power”


Healing is a journey

There is no end

Knowledge is infinite

Without beginning

Wisdom continues

Everything comes full circle

That is the flow of life

Painting titled “Healing”

Beautiful Chaos

I’d think Spirit is abstract too

As somehow all messes in my life

End up being beautiful

Pain creates strength

Ignorance births wisdom

Each event is a block for building

The Divine Plan

The Greatest Masterpiece

Abstract thoughts

Creating reality

Painting titled “Pain”


Balance is critical for any function

That pertains to life

Creating harmony of the brain

Left and right

Yin and yang

Black and white

Moon and sun

Dark and light

Balance is needed

For healing

Painting titled “Balance”

Color Wheels

The energy that you are made of

Must be purified

As God is glorified

Adjust your crown

Wipe the sleep from each eye

Express yourself through art

Perform surgery of the heart

Strengthen your core

Cut soul ties

Do not allow the chains

To bind you anymore

A strong foundation is needed

As you heal, release, let go, and live

Painting titled “Chakras”


Victory is mine

It has always been

I’ve taken losses

I was born to win

I’ve faced fears

I’ve laughed hard

I’ve cried many tears

Liquid prayers

Turned into answers

Life’s mysteries

Began to unravel

I powered through

You can too

Painting titled “Healing the Masculine”


The more of me I express

The less of me I suppress

I feel my soul is heard

In this Infinite Universe

When I create

Utilizing the energy of my soul

I am made whole

I am healed

As I fulfill

The prophecy

Painting titled “Sacral Power”


She was poems

Short and wise

With power to heal

Between her eyes

Margins of pages

Wishing to be filled

She was poems

Her soul she healed

She was alchemy

Hiding the pain once seen

She found freedom

When she began to love herself

The perfect remedy

No one wants to experience pain, but without it we would never know what we are truly made of. Without pain we would not appreciate our most glorious moments. Anything worth having rarely comes easy. What does the mother of a newborn, the athlete in the marathon, the college graduate, the successful business owner all share? They all experienced some form of pain rather it was labor pains, soar muscles, sleepless nights, or financial losses. Those moments had to take place in order for them to receive their reward.

In sum, alchemy is being able to take what already is and transform it into something else. Instead of allowing pain to keep us in bondage or loathing in self pity, we have the power to transform it into our strength. How will you use your pain?

Corinthian Elizabeth

“All Gifts in Love”, The Book of Corinthian

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