New Moon Ritual

During the new moon phase you don’t exactly see the moon so it appears that there isn’t one on these nights. In actuality the light from the moon is being hidden from the earth because the side that’s illuminated is facing away from us. This symbolizes a beginning of a new cycle and a chance for a clean slate. The full moon phase (see past blog post) reveals what we need to release and let go. By the time the new moon approaches we tend to have clarity on the new that we want to create and the steps we would like to take to make this happen. I have a ritual to help with setting intentions for this new cycle. Here’s what you will need:

  • White candle
  • Poster board
  • Scissors
  • Journal/Notebook paper
  • Pen
  • Marker
  • Tape or push pin/thumb tack
  • Meditation music (YouTube)

Optional items

  • Sage or palo santo stick
  • Crystals
  • Fresh white flowers
  • Incense

The new moon this month in Gemini is Monday June 3-Tuesday June 4. The new moon energy is heightened on these days making it ideal to perform the ritual. However the energy lasts until the full moon for the month and can also be done in the next week. Before this ritual, take some to get still, meditate, and think over the past 2 weeks. Think of any challenges that you faced. Reflect on any moments where it seemed like your world was falling apart. Think about what faded away (friends, relationships, jobs, etc.). Ponder on the new thoughts and plans that you’ve wanted to act on. What new opportunities have presented themselves? After doing this, spend some more time in prayer and deeper meditation to get centered before you begin. There’s no designated time, its whatever you need. 

Gather your items that you’ve chosen. Cleanse your space with sage or a palo santo stick. I’m using palo santo. Turn on your preferred meditation music. I like to use 528hz music or a chakra balancing playlist, both can be found on YouTube. Light incense after smudging your space and allow them to burn for the duration of the ritual lighting more as needed. Light the candle. White candles symbolize purity and new beginnings. I’m also adding a pink candle because my heart chakra needs healing and I desire to be more compassionate with my hormones peaking during this last month of pregnancy. Grab your crystals. Sit in your preferred meditation position, close your eyes, and take deep breaths inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Do this until you feel still, calm, and at peace.

Take the poster board and cut it into three parts. I get my poster boards from the dollar tree. Cut it in half. Take one of the pieces and cut that one into half too. You should have one long piece, and two smaller pieces that are about the same size.

Think of what you want to create and bring into your life over the next 6 months. Think of what you want to change and improve. Write this out in your journal or notebook paper. This will be used for your first poster and list .

Use a different sheet of paper and write out what you can do during this moon cycle that will bring you closer to the goals you wrote out for the next 6 months. Write out the vision that you see for yourself. Use as much detail as possible. This will be used for your second poster and list.

Take your biggest poster and write out in marker the clear version of what you wrote in your journal for your first list. You will condense what you wrote in your journal into list form. I sometimes like to use categories for this list, depending on what season of life I am in. I label one category as self and break it down into three more categories mind, body, and spirit. I do another section for my marriage, one for each of my children, one for home, one for my business/brand, one for finances, and one for career/education. Do what works for you.

On one of the smaller posters write out “(Month Name) New Moon Intentions”. Use what you journaled for the second list. Write out 3-5 clear intentions that you want to accomplish this month from what you expressed in your journal. Feel free to write more if your heart desires.

On the last poster piece write out the following affirmation:

I am falling in love with my process as this journey unfolds. I am connecting with the Divine and awakening my spirit to answer to its highest calling. I am welcoming in the fresh possibilities of this new cycle with a heart of gratitude and expectancy in receiving God’s promise over my life in the areas of peace, prosperity, and guidance in fulfilling my Divine Purpose. 

Read over this affirmation 3x and pray to Higher Power for guidance and strength as you embark on this new journey. Hang these posters up where you will see them everyday when you wake up and before you go to sleep. I place mine by my vision boards and altar. Enjoy this new season and all that it brings! Ashe!

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