My Soul Teacher Lesson #9: Greater Pain, Greater Gains

Legend started teething a few weeks ago. It’s been a challenge I must say. He’s 4 months old but get this, his first teeth that are coming in are his molars. Yes, the big ones that grow in the back. I know I earned my degree in Child Development 4 years ago and I may need an occasional refresh on a few subjects, but this is far from the norm. Honestly speaking though both of my children continue to defy everything I’ve ever learned in regards to “what’s normal for children” so everyday with my crew is an adventure to say the least. This continues to humble me and remind me that I “know” nothing. I’ll forever be a student. Anyway, Legend has been in pain. Mixing being a momma with being an empath I’ve been feeling all of his pain too and it’s been hurting me to my core. I had been praying for his pain to be taken away. It seemed that my prayers were not getting answered because my baby’s tears kept falling. Soon I remembered why Legend’s middle name, “Ezekiel” means God’s strength. If anyone could handle this, surely he could. Reflecting over everything that we went through with my pregnancy and his birth, I remembered that our strength really does come from God. When you tap into that power there is absolutely nothing that you cannot overcome. I changed my prayer from asking to avoid the pain to have the strength to endure and overcome it. It’s in those moments of pain that we are fortified and further developed to champion through this journey called life. Legend has been handling his teething pain much better since. He continues to amaze me. I’m thankful that I get to be a part of his life and for the continued lessons that he’s been helping me learn. The next time you’re going through a challenge that’s presenting pain whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, or all three remember that your strength too comes from the Lord. All you have to do is ask for it and receive it. The greater the pain, the greater the gain. The 28 hours of labor with Legend is my proof.

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