My Soul Teacher Lesson #8: The Mustard Seed

My son is fearless

He’s quite brave

He jumps from the

Highest of heights

Knowing that he

Will be saved

He’s confident to try

Just about anything

He believes he can fly

Regardless of who

Can see his wings

Imagine if I had the

Faith that he possesses

More of my no’s

Would be yes

Can’t would

Indeed be can

Faith that does not waiver

Faith like my Junie man

Jarvis Jr. trusts that me or his father will always catch him. He trusts that if we are not close by when he jumps that he will still be okay. He knows that he if falls that he can always try again. He also knows that if he hurts himself that me or his father will be there to help make it better. He believes that if we can’t take the pain away immediately that eventually he will be back to normal. Today is the new moon for this month. Today I’m making the decision to fully trust in the Infinite Source just as Jr trusts in us. I’ll use everything that I’ve overcome as my motivation that whatever lies ahead of me will always work in my favor and that I will always be okay. Today I’m celebrating freedom. Today I am rising. Join me.

The featured painting is a watercolor painting “Caged Bird Sings” Rest in Power Dr. Angelou!

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