My Soul Teacher Lesson #7: Just Let it Go

On Sunday, I washed Jarvis Jr’s hair, dyed it (per his request), combed it out, and gave him some small twist. After completing the lengthy process, I pulled out all of his hair that shed out of the comb. He saw me do this and gave me this look of terror. “Mommy is that my hair? Is my hair coming out?” he asked in almost what seemed a panic. I replied, “No baby. This is just your old hair that shed. You have plenty of new hair that came in, you can’t even tell that this is gone.” After soothing him, he calmed down and looked in the mirror at his new set of “Uzi’s”. He refers to his twists as “Uzis” with inspiration from rapper Lil Uzi Vert. He said, “Wow. My hair is super long. I like it.” Just that quick it was as if he forgot all about the hair that shed as he smiled in admiration of the new style. I thought to myself, “If I can just let go of the old, I’ll be able to experience the joy in all of the new in my life too.” Easier said than done I know, but I am determined to keep shedding everything that does not help me grow anymore so that I may flourish to my maximum potential and truly be free. Are you willing to eliminate what no longer helps you evolve?

Corinthian Elizabeth

“All That is Love”

The Book of Corinthian

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