My Soul Teacher Lesson #6: No Cracks in the Foundation

Jarvis Jr. was building a tall structure with his blocks until it toppled over and the blocks came tumbling down. He got upset. I told him that his structure was too tall and that he needed to put it down on something while building instead of holding it in his hands. I started to look for a box or something to sit the blocks on. Jarvis interjected and said, “You have to build a strong foundation when you’re building something that tall.” I couldn’t help but smile and take in the lesson here. There are days when I get weary and anxious because things aren’t happening as fast as I would like for them to. I have to remember that building a solid foundation takes time and patience. If there are cracks in the foundation, the building will eventually crumble.

I’m thankful for the lesson in my son’s playtime and I can appreciate my husband’s perspective that also shows the important roles that both parents play in rearing children. In this instance I wanted to pacify my son and help him find a quick solution so that he would feel better. My husband got to the root of the issue so that the blocks would not fall over again even if we put them down on something. This gave me peace and encouragement to continue building trusting that all of the work that I’m putting into this foundation will be worth it. Maybe you’re in a season where you feel that nothing is happening for you. Maybe you have this vision that no one else can see. Continue building so that there will be no cracks in your foundation and that what you’re working for will last.

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