My Soul Teacher Lesson #4: The Carrier

My baby boy, Legend, just made two months yesterday. Lately I’ve been carrying him around in a baby carrier. I’m able to put him in and the straps hold him up securely. As a result of this, I’m able to cook full meals, do laundry, clean, grocery shop with my oldest son, and more. I have been much more productive than I was before I started using the carrier. I get less frustrated and irritable. I also experience more peace and clarity while fulfilling daily tasks. Most importantly, I get to bond with Legend, give him the attention and care that he needs, and serve my family more efficiently. I get to be present. As I smiled expressing gratitude for how much easier the carrier makes my life, I thought of how much easier life is when I allow God to carry me. When I go on ego trips I try to do everything by myself creating my own struggles. On the other hand, when I submit and allow God to guide me and carry me everywhere I go, I’m always safe, in alignment with the Divine Will, and in the flow. Will you allow God to carry you?

Featured Painting: “Abundance of Love”

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