My Soul Teacher Lesson #2: Get Free

My husband was holding our baby boy a few days ago and he made the observation, “He still hasn’t stretched his legs all the way out.” My husband tried to hold baby boy away from his body to help him stretch his legs out. His legs stretched a little but quickly curled back up. My baby’s legs had been curled since he began to outgrow my womb. This limited the movements that he could make signaling that his days were coming to an end in the womb and he would soon be entering the physical realm. Now that he’s out of the small space in my womb, he has plenty of room to stretch and experience new levels of freedom. Yet he’s still comfortable curling his legs in and bending his knees. After observing and taking these moments in, I gained clarity on what I needed to receive. 

My baby had grown accustomed to his legs being crunched in. If he stretches them out, he’ll be able to see that he can kick and move more efficiently. One day he’ll even be able to crawl, walk, run, and jump. His legs are created to do far more than remain in a bent position being stagnant. That applies for each of us as well. We are all created with a special purpose to fulfill and that purpose goes far beyond what we imagine and envision for ourselves. God wants nothing less than the best for each and every one of His children, similar to how I want my children to experience the best that life has to offer. My husband could not force our baby to keep his legs stretched and God will not force the Divine Will on us. We have to move beyond the mental limits that we have made up and believe that we are more than capable of being all that we were created to be.  

After this revelation, I was further convicted. I realized I had asked God to grow but I have still been behaving as if I am in the “womb” by limiting myself to my comfort zone. As spiritual beings taking on the human experience, we have an intimate connection to the Infinite Source of unlimited potential and supply. However, we can’t tap into that power if we don’t believe that we can. I am challenging myself to take the limits off of God and be willing to “stretch out” and walk in the power that God has given to us all. Will you do the same? 


Very seldom do we grow  

Without encountering discomfort 

Growth is a process 

With lessons we must learn  

To advance us to the next level 

And experience new heights 

As we embrace the emergence of our wings  

And gain confidence to fly 

Corinthian Elizabeth

“All Gifts in Love”, The Book of Corinthian


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