My Soul Teacher Lesson #17: Delayed, Denied, or Divine?

Legend had a great month in May! He’s gaining weight, growing taller, and controlling his episodes better when he throws up and struggles to breath. He has a new care team. He’s been doing great in therapy exceeding the expectations that his old company had set for him. He’s more alert and becoming increasingly active each passing day. He’s showing up everyday and letting us know that God is still in control. We got good news a few days ago about his insurance and are on track to get a new team of specialist and additional therapy. A day after the good news we ran into a new stumbling block, but I know we will get through it. It’s already being worked out for the good. I have a new alternative remedy that we will be trying this month too.

As I look back over Legend’s life, I’m constantly reminded of the principle of Divine timing. According to the growth charts and percentiles, Legend is still delayed. I can remember last year when my due date had passed (see blog post Due Date or Divine Timing?) and I had to trust that he would come when he and God were ready for him to. Many times in my life I have felt like I was behind on my goals or that a process was taking longer than I thought it should. It was during these times that I had to trust God to do the impossible and take my faith to another level. This brings me to the notion that man’s timing and God’s timing aren’t always identical, if ever. There is always more going on in the spirit world than we can see with the naked eye. If it hasn’t worked out for the good yet, then there is still more to be worked out.

Back in January I took my teacher’s certification exam and I failed it. This was a shock to me. I had never failed a standardized test or any of the certification exams that I’ve taken. I had to take a growth journey and remember why I wanted to teach in the first place as well as the vision that God gave me for education. I needed to put in more work to achieve my goal. In April I passed my exam with flying colors. Last year in July I applied and interviewed to teach English to students in China. I didn’t get the job. Again I needed to put in more effort. Last month I signed my contract for the same job that I was once denied for.

When I look at my baby I see so much love and light. I have dreams and visions of him walking, running, and playing with his brother and sister. I don’t see him as being delayed. I see God working a miracle right before our eyes as well as the doctors that gave up on him. Whenever you feel that God has forsaken you or that you’re being denied access to the promise, remember that God’s timing is always perfect. It’s never delayed or denied, but always DIVINE!

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  1. Go Legend! Thank you for the gentle reminder that everything happens when it’s supposed to. xoxo

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