My Soul Teacher Lesson #14: Wound Care

Back in March when Legend had his g-button placement surgery we were instructed to clean it once a day and that it would heal in eight weeks. To my dismay when we went to the eight week checkup we learned that granulation (extra tissue) had formed around the site and it didn’t look so great. It needed to be treated to get rid of it. It turned out that simply cleaning the g-button site once a day and waiting for time to pass wasn’t enough to ensure optimal healing. While granulation tissue forming at the site is normal, it’s not ideal and does need attention to keep from worsening. The nurse gave us two options to treat the excess tissue. One was to apply Granulotion four times a day for four days at a time until it was completely gone. The other option was to apply silver nitrate once to “burn” it off. Over the next 24 hours it would be gone completely. We chose option number two to go ahead and get it out of the way, so we thought. The 24 hours passed and all of the granulation wasn’t gone. In fact over the next few days it formed again! This time it was even more of the tissue. Initially, I thought time and the once a day recommended care would be sufficient. Then I thought surely the one time intense treatment would do the trick given my options. I was wrong!

I wanted to remain upset about the vague instructions we received but there was a lesson to be learned here. Instead, I needed to hold myself accountable and accept that I didn’t take more precautions. Part of this was due to the fact that I was afraid to touch Legend’s g-button a lot. I was afraid of hurting him or that the button would fall out of his stomach if I did something wrong. I allowed fear to limit my participation in the healing process, which made the wound worse.

At our next appointment, I requested the Granulotion to apply it four times a day for four days at a time. No more short cuts. I started cleaning the wound site more often throughout the day and rotating the g-button regularly. I also began to put a belly band around Legend when he would do tummy time or have physical therapy so the wound would be protected while he moved. I began to see gradual improvement as the granulation started to come off and the wound looked healthier. When I allowed my actions to be inspired by love instead of fear, we began to see results. We haven’t had a problem with the wound since. The granulation is completely gone. I continue to clean it often, change the dressing, and rotate it along with the help of his nurses.

The wound is the place that the light enters you.-Rumi

The notion that time heals all is only partially true. Time alone won’t heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon us from the trauma we’ve experienced physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Neither will acknowledging those wounds and trying a quick fix or treatment to heal them. However the regular care, nurturing, cleansing, efforts, and faith in addition to time will. Time will pass but if nothing is ever really done to care for the wound while that time is passing, how will it ever heal? Will you decide to be an active participant in your healing process? Join me in prayer, as I send you love, light, and healing energy for this week ahead.

I pray that you allow love to motivate you to do the work that you need to do in order to fully heal any afflictions that you’re dealing with. May any fears that you have be diminished regarding your journey towards wholeness. May you receive all the Creator has in store for you as you release the pain that has had you bound. And it is so!

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