My Soul Teacher Lesson #12: Jr. The Artist

It had been a long week spent in the hospital with Legend back in March after the doctors diagnosed him with lysosomal storage disease (which has changed since then, thank God.) We were all exhausted, stressed, and ready to go home. I had asked the Child Life Specialist to come in to speak with Jr. and to do some activities with him that would help him cope. I could imagine that it had to be challenging for him to be back and forth between the hospital and home with Daddy at night when I stayed with Legend. The Child Life Specialist left him some toys and a few other things after they were done with their activities. Among those things was a notebook and markers. When it was just me, Jarvis, Jarvis Jr. and Legend left in the room, Jr. began to draw on some of the sheets of paper. He made a drawing for all of us and two for Legend. He said that drawing made him feel happy. Receiving the drawings made us happy too. We felt a peace come over the room and we were all at ease. We enjoyed the rest of our time together as a family before we had to split up for the night.

Seeing how Jr. reacted to his drawings and how we all felt, I was reminded of how art is a gift from God. Not only does art heal the artist but it gives healing to all that receive it no matter what form of art is. This was also my wake up call that I could not neglect my art anymore. With so much going on over the past months, I figured that it would be selfish of me to get wrapped into my art because I had other responsibilities to take care of. This was far from the truth. I have a responsibility with my art too. It’s a must that I cultivate the gifts that God gave me by putting energy into my art.


I remembered how getting back into my art brought me out of a dark depression back in 2016 which led to me having a spiritual awakening. I remember the healing that it brought me during the postpartum period after giving birth to Legend last year. I was reminded of all of the doors of opportunity that have opened since gaining the confidence to share and sell my art. I could hear the echoes of the beautiful souls that have shared kind words with me in regards to The Book of Corinthian.  I was reminded of God’s love and the warmth that I feel in my heart when I create anything.

A man’s gift will make room for him and bring him before great men-Proverbs 18:16

I do believe that God has given each of us a gift if not multiple gifts. Being created in God’s image, we are all artists and creators in some unique way. I believe that if we tap into those gifts we will heal collectively and spread love exponentially creating a better world for us all. Today I am able to look back and see how much healing getting back into my art has brought me since March. I’m forever thankful for Jr. “The Artist”, one of my greatest gifts that God has given me as well as one of my wisest teachers. 

Art is my release, my therapy, my gift. Art is healing. Art is love. God is love. -Corinthian Elizabeth

If you haven’t already check out my new art gallery, here . What will you use your gift to create this week?


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