Manifesting With Self-Love Jars

The new moon in Pisces today February 23rd is bringing intense energy that is stirring us up emotionally in the midst of this mercury retrograde. I welcome the new moons as they give us a chance to manifest and start fresh with setting new intentions for the upcoming moon cycle. This moon cycle and retrograde are both special as they will propel us into the new year that starts at the beginning of spring next month. Back in December I created my first self-love jar to add to my moon ritual. I found healing in doing this and have been seeing the results unfolding exponentially. I’ll be making a new one tonight to go along with my new intentions. I’m considering making one for Freedom as well.

In order to make a self-love jar you’ll need a jar first and foremost to place all of the items in and store them. I found the one in the featured image at the dollar tree. Second you’ll need something significant to you that represents beauty. I used some of my hair after trimming my ends. I started growing my hair out again from my all over fade when I knew that I was pregnant with Freedom. My intention being to grow it with my growing daughter starting a new journey in preparing to birth her. Some other suggestions for an item that represents beauty could be an earring, fabric from clothing, perfume, fragrance oils, or another piece of jewelry that you don’t mind parting ways with. Next you’ll need herbs. I chose to use red raspberry leaf which I used to tone my uterine wall before giving birth and for postpartum healing afterwards. Choose whatever herbs are relevant for you. As with all items, it’s more about your intention and not the specific item. Next you’ll need a piece of paper and a pen to write out your petition. Next you’ll need honey to “sweeten” your relationship with yourself. As a bonus I added in a Rose Quartz crystal to represent unconditional love and compassion. I also had roses on hand that my husband had bought for me a few days prior. Lastly you’ll need a candle to burn on top of the jar. I burned my candles on top of the jar over the course of a week so I used a combination of them. One day I used pink for unconditional love. One day I used purple for divine wisdom. Another day I used white for purity and new beginnings. At one point I used red for courage, passion, and strength. Again it’s all about intention and what you’re instinctively drawn to use.

After gathering all of my items I burned sage to cleanse my space and thoughts per usual along with incense. I meditated. After meditating I wrote out my petition and explained in detail the kind of loving relationship that I wanted to build with myself while embracing this new version of me that I recently gave birth to. I wrote some affirmations. I cried as I often do when I’m deep into my spiritual practice. I prayed. I grabbed my jar and began to put my items in. I put the flower petals in first, my hair second, and the herbs third. I folded the paper that I wrote the petition on and put it in next. I put the crystal on top of the paper. I poured the honey on top of all the items and closed the jar with the lid. I placed the jar on my altar and set the candle on top. I lit the candle, prayed again, and meditated as the fire burned receiving my intentions. I felt relieved. I felt hopeful. Most of all, I felt love.

While the new moon is tonight and the energy is intensified, this can be done any time over the next few weeks leading up to the full moon. These past blog posts may be helpful to refer to if you decide to make a honey jar at this time:

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