Managing Perinatal Depression

With the new light being shined on mental health awareness and the open discussion on postpartum depression (see link to blog post from last year), I want to talk about perinatal depression or depression during pregnancy.  This kind of depression often gets mistaken for the common changes that happen during pregnancy like moodiness and being exhausted all the time. In reality its intense feelings of sadness, fear, worry, guilt, shame, and anguish all bottled up in one that manifests from hormonal and physical changes a woman experiences while creating a new life. This needs treatment and healing just like any other mental disorder and should not be ignored. All of my pregnancy journeys have been different. The one thing that they all have in common is that I too battled with perinatal depression each time. I’m still here to testify that healing is an option and that you or anyone you know facing this battle can get through it. I’ve won several battles with depression that have required me to do the work. To avoid redundancy, I’ll share the links from past blogs that include methods and tools that I’ve used for managing and healing different types of depression.

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Managing Postpartum Depression

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10 Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety

I hope that you find this list helpful and that you’ll share them with an expecting, new, or old mommy.

Love and Light,

Corinthian Elizabeth


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