Magical May Motherhood Edition

Welcome to Magical May! Last month for Abundant April I got to witness God’s abundant favor in a major way! Not only did I experience this favor but I also saw God’s hands working in my family and love one’s lives too. So many great things happened and I am forever grateful. I’m expecting the momentum to continue this month, hence the name “Magical May”. I’m praying that this month God works magic in your life too as you receive all the love, peace, and happiness that your soul desires! The Creator loves you and so do I!

May is also always a magical month for me because it’s my birthday month. I always experience a rebirth around this time. I’ve also experienced rebirths each time that I’ve brought a new life into this world and I feel it happening again as I’m preparing for my baby girl’s arrival. I figured that this month would be more than fitting to launch “Motherhood Edition” on the blog. In doing so, I’ll be sharing more about my journey with motherhood. I’ll also be highlighting the importance in God creating women to be the bearer of children.

Up until last year I measured my success and assessed whether I was being purposeful based on my academic and professional achievements, serving in the community, and steps taken to get closer to reaching the “American Dream”. Since then I’ve become more aware of the role that I play in my family as a mother and how much purpose is tied into birthing and caring for my children. Since taking on new responsibilities recently as my baby boy’s caregiver, striving to maintain a healthy pregnancy with my baby girl, and trying to ensure that my oldest son still feels loved and valued with all of the changes we’ve experienced over the past 7 months while still working, I have found new strength and a greater sense of awareness.

Last year in May I broke the silence on my mental health battles with the launch of Let’s Talk Mental Health which ended up changing my life forever. I healed in many ways. I grew as an artist when I learned that God gave me the gift of putting healing energy into my paintings. I was also presented with fulfilling opportunities that challenged me to walk in my purpose. I was even featured in Voyage Magazine and was chosen to be a keynote speaker at a Mental Health Awareness Gala a few miles from my hometown. This May I’m excited to share my heart and open another chapter of The Book of Corinthian with the launch of “Motherhood Edition”. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!

Love and Light,

Corinthian Elizabeth

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