Loc Lesson #1 Pride Before The Rise

When I started The Book of Corinthian Blog, I shared Soul Teacher Lessons that were inspired by my children. These lessons featured my two sons, Jarvis Jr. and Legend Ezekiel. Those blogs are still here on this site to read. Since then, I have given birth to some new babies that are teaching me lessons that speak to my spirit. These babies are my new locs! I started them back in October and it may have been the most natural thing that I have done to date. Besides giving birth to Freedom, of course! Speaking of which, in my last blog, The Promise, I shared some reflections and realizations from an encounter that I had with a prophet back when I was in college. This prophet told me that I would give birth to a daughter and then see myself in a new light walking fully in my purpose and power. I specifically remember her saying that I would also love my hair and see myself differently. There was emphasis on the word “see” from her. She then proceeded to share how she knew that I was attached to wearing weave at that time. She said that I would be taking my weave out soon. I could not believe that this lady knew all of my business and that I didn’t know her from a can of paint! After that encounter, I went on a journey and my hair was a part of that trip! Shortly after, I did take my weave out and wore my permed hair for a while. I thought that was the “natural” the prophet was referring to. I thought the same thing again when I did the big chop in August of 2014. I was 6 weeks pregnant with Jarvis Jr. I was wrong both times!

I remember being around 10 years old when my auntie came back home to visit. I believe it was for a family birthday party or something. I don’t really remember the occasion; but I do remember that my auntie was different! She had locked her hair and she had this glow to her. She was talking about all these cool, new things and radiating this light that I couldn’t explain. She was doing jail house poses and just being free. I didn’t know what any of this meant, but I knew that I wanted to experience something like that one day. In hindsight, I understand that she was experiencing a life shifting awakening!  I admired her courage and bold decision to go against the grain back then. On that day, I made a decision that I would get some of those loc things one day. That day would be somewhere far off in the distance. 

That day came back in October when I woke up one morning at 4:00 am and decided to twist my hair sitting at the mirror by my altar. I uploaded a video to my youtube channel to talk about this more. You can check it out here or by visiting the YouTube page here on the site. Every since then, I have been able to see myself in a new light. I have a new sense of pride in who I am. I developed insecurities about my hair in childhood from the first time that it came out from getting a perm. Then there were the constant reminders up until adulthood that black girls without perms had “nappy” hair. Its hard to truly love yourself when you don’t love the hair on your head. I can honestly say that I love everything about my hair now. I have found a deeper appreciation in being a melanated woman seeing how magical the hair that grows from my scalp is. I no longer wish to change anything about the texture as I did back when I big chopped and stopped getting perms. Instead, I see beauty in the way my locs are forming naturally. In the past I found myself “searching” for this new light that I was supposed to see myself in. Right here in the present, I innerstand what the prophet meant. The time is now. It is evident as I am fully walking in my purpose now writing The Book of Corinthian.

“I see the Divine’s intricate architecture

In the patterns of my coils

I see my Creator

When I look in the mirror 

I am reminded that

My crown is my glory” -The Book of Corinthian Chapter Two: Melanin Rising

Visit my YouTube Channel to see how I’m retwisting and learning how to maintain my loc babies.

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    1. Dear niece, I remember the freedom and the jail house pose. It brings me laughter not the lol laughter. Thanks for the enlightening push this morning.

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