Checking In…Let’s Talk Mental Health

I started this blog in hopes to share my art, poetry, and inspirational messages holding the belief, love heals all. I had a vision to open up and share a part of my heart and encourage you to heal. Almost two months in and in turn blogging has helped me heal, get inspired, and speak my truth. I would like to thank you for allowing me to share this space as well as for your feedback and support.

I celebrated my 26th birthday two days ago. While I have been opening up and sharing parts of my journey with you, I have a new desire to be more transparent and vulnerable as I embrace this new chapter of my life. Besides May being my birthday month, it is also Mental Health Awareness Month. For the remainder of the month of May, I’ll be sharing insight from my personal battles and triumphs regarding mental health. I’ll also share what I’ve witnessed growing up in my environment as well as patterns I notice today. I will be using the hash tag #letstalkmentalhealth. Feel free to join in on this discussion, share your truths, and encourage someone else along the way. Also, check out the Poetry tab for poems on healing.

Featured Painting: “Insane”

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