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I knew that this day would come, I just wasn’t quite sure of when it would be. The day that I would be ready to retire my middle name, finally accept that I was walking in my purpose, and fully own my power. Just like getting locs, I thought this day would come around age 30 for me at the earliest. Once again I was wrong! This day came back in the fall of 2020 when I went through another dark night of the soul (which isn’t exactly one night). I found myself stripping away the previous layers that I had been identifying with over the past few years since my 2016 awakening that I shed more light on in my first book, The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou. The timing couldn’t have been more divine as that is what the fall months are for, shedding away the old. I do respect and honor the Divine Design the Creator has given us in the different purposes of each season. I began accepting what was happening and decided to withdraw inward and pull away from the hustle and bustle that I am use to.

Back in 2017 around my 25th birthday, I gave birth to a new version of myself, Corinthian Elizabeth. I stopped identifying with my nicknames of “Cori, Cori G., and Corin”. This new version, Corinthian Elizabeth, was a poetic and artistic soul longing for freedom, purpose, and understanding in a multidimensional universe of distorted views and half truths. This is also when I shaved my head bald and had to face the woman in the mirror without my security blanket of hair that was full of insecurities and misconceptions. In my studies with numerology, I learned that Corinthian Elizabeth is associated with the number 7 which is also my life path number. This number resonates with intuition, introspection, spirituality, and teachers for career paths which is who Corinthian Elizabeth embodied in my quest for freedom.

When I was given the vision for The Book of Corinthian back in 2016, a blog was included in that vision. My steps would later be ordered to name it when I would first launch it in March of 2018. But that wasn’t the end of the vision, it was only the beginning of it. I created the space to share my healing journey, my art, and inspiration for others desiring to be free too. Over the next three years, the blog evolved into more with an app, businesses, a vlog, a podcast, a book series, endless opportunities for growth, and beautiful connections with kindred spirits. I couldn’t be more thankful. With The Book of Corinthian shifting, I had to shift with it.

I retired back in November of 2020 when the fall season was coming to a close and transferred those blogs over into the new site With this change of web address in the digital world, I was changing the way that I preferred to be identified in the real world too by dropping my middle name from my persona. It was time for me to be just Corinthian which is who I saw in the vision that the Creator gave to me. As with every vision that comes into fruition, there is a divine process and timing associated with it that we must honor. Whenever we choose not to honor the principle of divine timing, we find ourselves dealing with internal chaos manifesting into resistance. Honoring this process hasn’t been easy. In fact, I even stopped typing this blog back in March and saved it as a draft. I wasn’t ready to share it let alone finish it. After many ego deaths, ugly soul cleansing cries, and dark nights of the soul, I decided that Corinthian Elizabeth had to die in order for Corinthian to be born.

My born day is exactly 8 days away and I will be turning 29! I have decided that I want to release my second book, Beauty in the Bayou Workbook on my birthday May 8th to commemorate this new beginning. For year 29, I am accepting my whole self and honoring all that comes with this new chapter as just Corinthian. A friend told me that when people decide to use their full name, they are ready to use all of their gifts and walk in their full purpose. I concur. The time is now.

I feel that year 29 is going to be a monumental year as I prepare for my 30s. I am being called to change my diet again. The last time that I made a radical change in my diet was year 25 when I stopped eating meat and dairy. On my 25th birthday I also made a decision to stop drinking alcohol and have not had any since that day. I am starting to understand more why year 30 keeps calling my name as I type this blog. When looking at numerology, 30 equals 3. Some of the themes around the number 3 are creativity, abundance, and individuality. The career paths associated with 3 are also more aligned with the full vision that I was shown for The Book of Corinthian. The name Corinthian also equals 3. My oldest child Jarvis Jr. and youngest child Freedom Elizabeth both have 3 as their life path number. How divine is that?

If you’ve read this far, I appreciate you for being on this journey with me. I am sending you love. I will still be continuing the virtual event on tomorrow May 1st for the Beauty in the Bayou Workbook. The book will be available to order from Amazon on my birthday May 8th. Personalized copies can be pre-ordered from my new site until then. The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou was released on July 11th, the day that I gave birth to Freedom. The Beauty in the Bayou Workbook will be released on Amazon on May 8th, the day that I give birth to Corinthian.

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