Just Fly All July

This month has been one for the books as I sit and reflect on all that has come from it. On top of launching my podcast and publishing my book, I’ve grown a lot and have learned even more. I’ve also had the opportunity to come face to face with some hard truths that I’ve needed to process about myself in order for me to elevate and to continue to become my greatest version.

This month has also been one for celebrations too! My baby girl, Freedom, turned 1 and she is on the move! It’s been amazing to watch her grow and become the bold and free-spirited force that she is. I shared last month in the blog post “Two” that she was getting closer to walking. I also shared that my baby boy, Legend, was getting closer to crawling. Since that blog, the two of them have reached new levels on their journeys. Freedom is now walking and Legend broke his record for sitting by 10 minutes! Legend is getting stronger every day and Freedom is getting more independent by the day. It’s bittersweet to watch them make these strides knowing that they are getting older and one day they will not be my little babies anymore. Even though there have been moments where I have felt that I’ve needed a mommy break, I’m thankful that I’ve been able to be home during this time and witness them reach these milestones.

While my babies have both spread their wings, I too have embraced a new chapter of womanhood. I am tapping into the power of vulnerability and am becoming more expressive in sharing and living in my truth. As I sit with my journal, I am proud of me for keeping certain commitments that I made to myself this month too. I love who I am becoming. I also take note of where I wrote in my journal on the last day of June “this month Legend broke a record and is taking new strides, Freedom is walking and next month we shall fly”, hence the title and this month’s theme was “Just Fly All July.” Let’s see what “Awards All August” has in store. Peace and love for the journey.

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