Joy Really Does Come in the Morning

I really know what it means now when they said “Joy comes in the morning.” I feel that in my bones on a new level. I’m not talking about the fake a smile, tell everyone its okay, and avoid my truth kind of joy. But the I went through something and I grew though something kind of joy. The kind of joy that I can now experience after appreciating “Purpose in the Pain” and accepting that “After the Pain Comes Power”. This past week was challenging for me but I continued to fight. I love the human experience. It has this way of humbling you and fortifying you all at the same time. I’m grateful that the Creator’s plan is perfect.

It’s another day

Another piece of the journey

I’ve been gifted with breath in my lungs

And new opportunities for learning

I am choosing to take advantage of the

Abundance all around me

And to lead with the love deep down inside of me

I’ll do something to bring joy to another

I will demonstrate courage and share my wisdom

I’ll make today worth more than living

Featured Painting: “Optimism”

Corinthian Elizabeth

“All That is Love”

The Book of Corinthian

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