Joy Filled June

This month I decided to focus more on my joy, hence the name Joy Filled June.  I committed to doing more of the things that bring me joy and parted ways with what did not. This month was another one for the books and I am thankful for all that came with it. Here’s a recap.

I kicked this month off hosting and directing my school’s first art show and it was amazing! My student’s showed off their artwork with a walk through gallery exhibit. We had a live painting and meditation session on stage and then different students shared their various artistic talents. The name of the show was “Freedom of Expression”. We had singing, dancing, instrument playing, poetry, and more. It was truly a success and I am thankful that we had the opportunity to bring our vision into fruition. We even had an exhibit for Pride Month which was one of my personal favorites. Check out this month’s blog How Practicing Mindfulness Transformed My Art Classroom for more on the magic that has happened in my art class. This month also concluded the school year and my second year of teaching art. 

This month I took my spiritual discipline to another level with completing my 40 day fast from soy, processed foods, fried foods, bread, and sweets. After completing this fast, I am convinced that there is absolutely nothing that I cannot do. I also increased my daily meditation time by an additional 30 minutes which has been a great change for me. In doing so, I created the 365 Days of Meditation Accountability and Mindfulness Journal! It is available for purchase on Amazon and on Corinthian’s Lighthouse if you would like it personalized. If you are looking to take your meditation journey to the next level, I highly recommend this jewel!

Mercury retrograde is officially over and I am thankful for the purpose it served ten times over! I added a bonus episode to the Backpacks and Hairwraps podcast sharing my sentiments on Mercury Retrograde, Eclipse Season and this month’s full moon. The episode also ends with a guided meditation for releasing. I deviated from the scheduled podcast episodes that I had planned for this month. I am accepting that I am on Divine Timing and detaching from rigid plans. My art flows when I flow. This episode flowed from me as such and I shared it without any edits. Listen on The Book of Corinthian App!

I also shared a full moon ritual video that is a nice touch along with the full moon ritual blog available here on the site. Feel free to use it as it resonates with you for any full moon. I also shared What Happened to My Locs in case you were wondering about the sudden change with my hair. View both videos below and be sure to subscribe to the channel!

I ended this month on a celebratory note as a vendor at the Book Fair hosted by Author KJ Dunn here in Fort Worth. When I say this is was a magical experience, it is actually an understatement. I am thankful for the connections made with many beautiful spirits and the opportunity to share books and products from both of my businesses, The Book of Corinthian and Corinthian’s Lighthouse

While I am thankful for reaching new readers with my books at the book fair, I am thankful for the books that I walked away with as well. I met some amazing authors! Here are the books pictured above that I am honored to have signed copies of!

KJ Dunn is the author of My Mother’s Daughter. This heartfelt piece that focuses on healing the mother daughter relationship touched me within just a few pages of reading. It is definitely a tear jerker. I will be finishing it soon. 

Dr. Elijah Nicholas is the author of Madoodle. This children’s book shares the journey of a young girl adjusting to and understanding her former Aunt Mary transitioning to her Uncle Pete. This is a beautiful piece of art that intelligently communicates the subject of unconditional love. This book pulled on my heart strings and I read it in one sitting. 

This month history was made as Juneteenth became a national holiday. This was a lifelong dream and mission of  Opal Lee to see this vision through. Her book Juneteenth is a children’s book dedicated to sharing the truth about our history and journey to freedom here in America. All books from these authors can be purchased on Amazon. 

Features this Month

I had the opportunity to speak with Author Stephanie A. Wynn about books, branding, and authorpreneurship this month. Tune in for tips on starting your business and publishing your book!

I was featured in Voyage Magazine again this month. This time I shared more on the evolution of my business and brand. The first time that I had an interview with Voyage back in 2018, Beauty in the Bayou was still a thought. Now it is a reality with a workbook and more parts to come.

As this month comes to an end, I am reminded of God’s promise. The double rainbow pictured below in the sky was taken at the end of the book fair on Sunday as a visual representation of that promise. What a way to end pride month and Joy Filled June! I am thankful.

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