Full Moon Ritual

I believe the Creator’s Divine Design for oneness is so beautiful in how we’re connected to nature. I’m grateful for the ability to tap into the gifts of Mother Nature and use them for healing. Along my spiritual journey thus far, I have found healing in getting in sync with the moon and it’s different phases. I’ve shared affirmations, poems, and prayers that I have used to accompany my rituals surrounding new moons and full moons. For the first time on the blog I would like to share a complete ritual for this month’s full moon. Full moons bring about healing energy to release and for completion of a cycle.

Items Needed:

  • Pen
  • Journal/Notebook/Paper
  • A quiet space

Optional Items:

  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Sage or Palo Santo stick
  • Crystals
  • Incense


If using any of the optional items, set up your space before beginning the ritual. I like to smudge my space by burning a sage or palo santo stick to cleanse negative thoughts and energy. I light incense to transform those energies and invoke my ancestors and guardian angels. Occasionally I use crystals during my rituals as well. Different crystals have different properties for healing. I’m currently using amethyst for crown chakra healing, tuning my inner vision, wisdom, and clarity of vision. Same with candles as the different colors all have unique meanings. I’m using a brown candle for grounding, stability, and security.

To begin the ritual take a few minutes to meditate or simply bring awareness to your breathing by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Do this for 5 minutes or however long you feel led to. There is no right or wrong way to do this. This is your journey. Just allow yourself to be and trust.

After this, write out a list of anything that you want to let go of. This can be thoughts, habits, sickness, fears, guilt, addiction, doubts, relationships, things, etc. Anything that you feel no longer serves you or who you are becoming, write it out. Write until you don’t have anything else to release.

Read over the list when you finish writing. Read this affirmation silently or out loud:

With this full moon, I release all that no longer serves my best and highest good. I use this light to shine truth into the areas of my life that need healing and restoring for my greatest benefit. I allow awareness to be my guide and alert me to what needs to change. I bring attention to the areas in where I simply need to let go as opposed to resolving and seeking solutions. I allow this light to open my spiritual eyes to greater insight, truth, deeper wisdom, and my higher calling. I am grounded in the universal truth that I am a Divine being of light and that everything is happening in Divine order. With this full moon, I release the need to control the outcomes and the desire to know God’s plan in full detail. I shall allow myself to trust and surrender as I commit to serving my purpose and aligning with the perfect order of the universe. As I release, I welcome the gift of freedom into my life. And so it is!

Close your eyes and visualize yourself letting go of the items that made the list. Envision yourself being free, happy, joyous, and radiant.

Tear the list into small pieces and discard it or burn the paper with a lighter. When I burn my lists, I prefer to do this outside for safety purposes and to allow myself to take in the energy of the moon.

Take a moment to express gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned and welcome in the growth that you desire to experience.

It is my prayer that you enjoy the shifts in your life that will take place without expectation of when and how. May you surrender and allow the Creator to continue to guide you through this journey as you become more aware, more loving, and more in tune with your Divinity. – Corinthian Elizabeth

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