First of July

New moons are ideal for setting new intentions. With this new moon signaling the halfway mark of the year, I believe an intention setting exercise is fitting. This month’s new moon intention setting exercise piggy backs off of the ritual from last month. Although the new moon was on July 2nd along with the eclipse, the energy is still strong and it’s not too late to set new intentions. If you didn’t get a chance to do last month’s new moon ritual check it out, here. If you did, look at what you wrote out. Spend some time in meditation, reflect on the past 6 months, and come up with a new purposeful plan to achieve the rest of your goals and manifest your desires for the next half of the year. Write out the plan along with your goals on paper and then add those goals to a poster. I also created a new vision board, used dragon’s blood sage for spiritual healing and protection, burned a candle for the third eye chakra, and used new crystals that I’ll be taking into the delivery room (bloodstone and red malachite).

After meditating, reflecting, and writing out your new plan you can read this prayer or say your own:

With my heart, I set these new intentions. I honor the Divine in me as I honor the Divine in others, my family and those that God has assigned for me to serve in various capacities. I am committed to bring light into this world and walk out my purpose by living a life of freedom. This next phase of my life will be the best phase of my life as I embark on a new fulfilling and purposeful journey for the upcoming 6 months. It is my heartfelt desire to rise above all limitations and continue to create the highest version of myself as a vessel of the Divine Creator. It is so and I am free!

Love and light to you!

-Corinthian Elizabeth


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