Featured Painting: Visions of Freedom

This piece was inspired by the visions and dreams that I was having about my daughter, Freedom, back in August before she was conceived as well as the visions and dreams that I had of freedom in the literal sense too during that time. It was a time of intense healing and divine transformation. The month before the blog’s theme was “Just Freedom all July.” I had a hunch to do an internal cleanse of my mind, body, and spirit. Then I started “Sober September” where I gave up things that didn’t serve me anymore and carried that momentum on into the real Sober October, which was also the blog’s theme for that month. I took that a step further into “No Toxins November” which I also blogged about. Before I could finish the month of November, I had a positive early pregnancy test. I knew this was her. I was initially very excited but also shocked at the notion that I would have 2 babies under 2. Depression, fear, and worry crept in a month later as I felt that I was rebuilding myself while going through all of the emotional and physical changes that pregnancy brings once again. Now I feel that I’m almost out of the “Wilderness” (see blog) and that both my daughter Freedom and the vision for freedom are both near full manifestation. I’m thankful.

Rebirth, another one
Except this time I’m birthing Freedom
-Corinthian Elizabeth

To read past blog posts from “Sober October” and “No Toxins November”, visit the healing tab. To view the full painting “Visions of Freedom”, visit my Art Gallery

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5 thoughts on “Featured Painting: Visions of Freedom

  1. Hello Corinthian Elizabeth

    I enjoyed reading your blog post. I love art and I always wondered, when viewing abstract pieces like this one, what an artist’s thoughts are when they create and what meaning goes behind each brush stroke. It’s beautiful!

    1. Hi Paula! Thanks so much for reading and viewing my artwork! Yes there’s a story and plenty of emotions behind each piece!

  2. You know I love reading your blog and viewing your painting. I must say your blog empowers encourage and inspire us all. Keep doing what
    So wel.

    1. Thank you! I’m grateful that God can use me! Thanks so much for reading and your continued support! I appreciate you!

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