I painted this painting, “Evolution” back in June. Most times when I paint, I finish my painting in one sitting and I’m done with it. I leave all of the emotion on the canvas and I’m on to something else. This painting was different. I painted it over the course of days that turned into weeks. As the painting evolved so did I. One day I looked at it and finally felt that feeling of completion that I typically feel when I know that I’m done with a canvas. The painting looked completely different from the first day that I painted it. The full process was necessary to get this design. Each phase of it had to happen. The painting kept evolving and ended up being more beautiful than it was when I first started.

I feel that this is true for myself. I am constantly evolving and I will continue to evolve as often as necessary to be my greatest version. Because I am evolving so is my blog. I started this blog mainly sharing daily affirmations and poetic prayers. Two months later I began to post about mental health and healing. Then I began to share more lifestyle posts. This will continue to change. I’m excited about the new pages that I’ll be adding to The Book of Corinthian. Stay tuned.

Speaking of evolution, are you peeping the evolution taking place right now in America? My people are rising up and owning every bit of their greatness. It’s a great time to be alive. I know our ancestors are proud.

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