Featured Painting: “Depression”


Wallowing in a deep dark sea

At the hands of my oppressor

I was under six feet

Doing the most

Reaping the lesser

Feet kicking at this pavement

A victim of my own enslavement

Would this be the end of me

My demise maybe

Any possibility to swim up

To the surface

For fresh air once or twice

Is this life even worth it

I bet the other side is nice

Living to achieve death

How does that go

If Jesus wept

Then I’m doomed fasho

He was brutally killed

And hung from a tree

So why would my destiny be fulfilled

What’s so special about me

Then I woke up from my sleep

And realized the answer was everything

I cannot be another casualty

I must create a better reality

And be who God created me to be

I must find a way to float In this murky sea

I have to remember how to breathe

I refuse to dodge life’s bullets forever

I object to just waiting around for better…days

I can no longer be a slave

I have to break these chains

And head for historic gains

As I closed my eyes

The Creator said

My child take my hand

Greatness lies ahead



Corinthian Elizabeth

“All Gifts in Love”

The Book of Corinthian

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