Awakening August

As I sat in meditation on the last day of August, I came to the realization that the entire month had been a life altering awakening for me. Coincidentally, August is the same month that I first saw the vision for The Book of Corinthian back in 2016 when I was going through the spiritual awakening that I reference in Chapter One Beauty in the Bayou. Going into August of this year, I claimed and manifested that it would be “Awesome August”. Usually when I name my months, I get the feeling “Oh yeah this is it!” The name usually just drops in my spirit when I am least expecting it. However, this time was different. “Awesome August” just did not sit well with me. It felt forced. I changed it a few times and eventually went back to my original thoughts and settled for an “awesome” month. I was excited about starting a new school year teaching in a new school in my new city. The moon was in my moon sign, leo. I even had inspiration for a new vision board. See my latest youtube video below for the details. The stars definitely seemed to be aligned for me, so “Awesome August” it would be. Little did I know, there would be a plot twist ahead.

August ended up being an awakening for me that I did not know I needed but am ultimately thankful that I experienced. I was faced with the divine opportunity of seeing my most traumatic childhood experience play out in real time through my adult eyes. I finally connected more of the dots of the mystery that I wrote about in the poem “Grass Skirts and Beaches” that is in part 1 of Beauty in the Bayou. I received some of the answers that I had been searching for over the last 20 plus years. I made peace with pain and had a funeral for expectations, disappointments, and childhood dreams of what I thought healing would or could be. While I am thankful for this clarity, this process was not pretty. It was everything but. In fact, I am still processing it all and doing the inner work that is necessary for me to keep rising as the champion that I am. 

Normally when I am going through a shift of sorts, I tend to resort to time away in isolation. That isolation may look like extended time away from social media, neglecting my phone completely for weeks, and staying up extra late and waking up extra early to have more alone time from my children and husband so that I can just be to myself. I did not have that luxury this time as I recently started a new job. I also still had businesses to nurture and a full family that needed me to be present. So, how did I manage? I kept taking care of myself each day and I kept going. Part of that self-care looked like keeping my daily commitment to my morning meditation. Who knew that my new journal, “365 Days of Meditation Mindfulness and Accountability” would serve more purpose than I imagined it would? In one short month I was pushed to pull out just about every “tool” in my spiritual toolbox that I have used thus far on my journey. I was tested in every way possible to apply the wisdom that I have acquired so that I could champion through. 

Normally I also wait until I have fully processed events to share these kind of experiences on the blog, in podcasts, videos, or in my books. This time I felt led to share while still processing to remind anyone that is reading this of the champion that is within them too. We all have what we need within us to conquer. Victory is our birthright. We were created to win. My wins for August may have looked differently than some of the wins I’ve shared from this year. Yet, they are still worth celebrating. The win that I am most proud of is that I gave my inner child the hug and love that she needed. I did this with a face full of tears after deeply mourning for the old version of me that I’d be putting to rest as a result of undergoing this awakening. 

While I do have some other wins that I am not quite ready to share publicly from last month, I do have one that I would like to share here on the blog. Although I had every reason to take a break from building my brand and being social, I still decided to show up and send out an affirmation each day on The Book of Corinthian app. Not just any affirmation, but the one that I wrote in my meditation journal each day to help me champion through. As a result, The Book of Corinthian reached its first milestone this month exceeding 100 downloads! This year has been a new year of self-mastery and tapping into new levels of vulnerability for me. Although somewhat painful at times, the obedience to my calling and carrying out my soul mission continues to be well worth it. It will always be bigger than me and for that I am thankful. I guess the month ended up being “awesome” after all in a way. Awakenings always increase awareness, enhance perspectives, and heal the soul. After all, that is part of why we incarnate on this plane to do all of the above. I am looking forward to the growth that “Spiritually Transformed September” will bring. It is already off to a promising start. Be sure to subscribe to for the details to come of what that looks like. As a matter of fact, just download The Book of Corinthian app so you never miss a beat. Thank you for being here. Until next time, peace & love-Corinthian.

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