Dues in December

This year has come and it has gone by

Now is a time for me to appreciate the light

As I reflect on all that I’ve overcome

And everything that I’ve accomplished

I’m in a better place from where

I started eleven months ago

God promised that I would be

If I would let the journey unfold

So much has changed

And the new has been birthed

I championed through each trial

With each lesson proving to be well worth it

Now I’m taking some time to look back

And reevaluate my decisions

With the intention of gaining more clarity

On bringing my vision into fruition

I’m processing my emotions

And letting go of the past

While cherishing each moment

Both the good and the bad

For what is to come is better

Than anything that I’ve ever seen

I am setting new intentions

To pursue my dreams

I am gaining more strength

I am internalizing new wisdom

My finances are increasing

And I have more for giving

As well as building up the kingdom

For my children

And the future generations to live in

This is a great time to be alive

And I’m expecting this next year 2019

To blow my mind

Featured Painting: “The Healing”

The Book of Corinthian

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