Divine She

If the future is black
And the future is female
Does that mean that I’m it?
The future?
Or does that mean
That there’s some of that
In each of us?
The feminine has been suppressed
Since way back whenever
If we heal that energy
We can all be better
Oh but the future is black too?
Yes as we honor the yin and the yang
Both sides
The dark and the light
Is when we as a people shall rise
But how can you find the light
If it’s never been dark?
How can you make it to the end
If you never acknowledge your start?
How can you travel to the future
If you can’t be honest with your past?
How much will you appreciate victory
If you’ve never came in last?
Can you heal the feminine without
Healing the masculine?
Can you keep up
With the questions I’m asking?
If you can’t it’s okay
Please, take your time
See, I’ve found my light
And I have to let it shine
I can no longer turn an eye
That is blind
To a world full of hurt
Filled with egotistical lies
I believe that the cure is truth
May my words awaken the God
That’s in you

Featured Painting: Duality

Corinthian Elizabeth
“All that is Love”
The Book of Corinthian

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