Disciplined December

A prayer from my journal for December…

I pray that this month of Disciplined December brings me closer to You, God. Breathe new life into my family, into my marriage, into my home, into my ministry, into my career, into my business, into my art, and into every one of my passions. Ignite in me a fire that mirrors the reflection of the transformational fire that You’ve guided me through this year of 2022. Take my hand and guide me into new territory. Open my heart to receive the new magnitudes of abundance and the manifestations of new miracles that You have orchestrated for me. Help me to create like I’ve never created before and speak to me throughout the process. Help me be consistent with each of the gifts that you have given me. The gifts in my children, the gifts in my husband, the gifts in my talents, and the gifts in my work are all from You, God. I trust you to have Your way with each one of these gifts while entrusting me with the tools to do what you will have for me to do with each one in the physical and in the spiritual. Clear every obstacle and distraction on my path that are sent to deter me from fulfilling my purpose. Transform my heart, mind, body, and spirit so that all are an embodiment of You, Divine Creator. Create in me the new discipline that I need to step into this next chapter in full servitude of the Kingdom. When it’s all said and done, may every remnant of pain from this year be transformed into purpose and power. May every tear be transformed into truth and testimony. May every ounce of sorrow be transformed into service and strength. May every wound be transformed into wisdom and willpower. God, I thank you for the gift of alchemy and I thank you that all of this is already done! I thank you, I thank you! I thank you! And it is so! 

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I do not own the art work in the featured image of this blog. The art work was painted on my son Legend’s room door during his last hospitalization at Children’s Health Dallas. Artist unknown.

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