Day 1 of Self-Care: Confidence Through Nail Art

I started going to the nail shop to get my nails done religiously every two weeks back when I was in the 9th grade. Some time shortly after that I started getting pedicures too and then soon eyebrow waxes followed. Each trip I would get new color schemes most times with designs. This became “my thing” that manifested into one of my favorite acts of “self-care” back before the term became trendy. I carried this with me to college even when times got hard. If I had to work extra shifts, sell some of my clothes on eBay, or pick up another side job, I was going to find my way to the nail shop.

When I started my motherhood journey 5 years ago I completely stopped getting my nails done. I felt like I didn’t have extra time to go to the nail shop. I figured that any extra money that I had needed to be spent on things for my kids or for the house. Little did I know this was the beginning of neglecting my self-care needs. I even stopped polishing my nails because I felt that the time that I would have to spend waiting for them to dry needed to be focused on doing things around the house, working, or mothering. As a result of not getting my nails done, I noticed that my self-confidence declined especially since in every role that I play I use my hands. Whether I had a meeting at work, a speech at toastmasters, or had to interview someone, I would be using my hands while I talked. As an artist, I use my hands in every performance whether I’m doing poetry, public speaking, or creating a live painting. Now as a teacher when I talk to my students or show them how to do a project I’m using my hands. I often find myself thinking “does anyone notice that my nails aren’t done?” It really doesn’t matter if they notice or not because I notice and it makes me feel uncomfortable. When these thoughts come, I end up closing my fists to hide my nails. I start feeling less confident in what I have to say which makes me doubt myself altogether.

Here recently I decided to use my first self-care Sunday of the winter break to do my nails. Before the kids woke up I did my morning meditation, lit some candles, and put on my custom designed press on nails from Impressed Pressons, a black owned business based out of my home state Louisiana owned by Alexandria Jones. Back during my nail shop escapades I would have never considered using press on nails. The ones in the store always looked plain and were too short for my taste. My experience with Impressed Perssons completely changed my perception of press on nails. Not only did I love my nails, I was able to do them in the comfort of my own home! Altogether It took me less than 20 minutes and the glue was included with my purchase. I felt my confidence increase almost instantly and this continued as the week progressed. I felt like myself again and I made a commitment that my nails would be included in my monthly budget moving forward.

This journey did challenge me to dig deep and find real beauty within myself without the acrylic or nail polish and for that I’m thankful. I’m also thankful for the self-awareness that getting my nails done is on my list of needs. When I look and feel good, I’m at my best. When I’m at my best, I’m able to give my best to others in all that I do. I’ve partnered with Impressed Pressons in hopes that more moms and women alike can experience a nail salon experience at their convenience without breaking the bank. I encourage you to visit their online shop where you can find a set of nails to meet your needs. You can use the coupon code CORINTHIAN to receive a discount of 15% off for a limited time. Use this link to shop .

Check out my two custom sets. The first is inspired by my art and the second is inspired by my spirituality. Both I love!

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 of Self-Care: Confidence Through Nail Art

  1. Hi my sweet beautiful daughter! I just read your blog!! I’m so proud of you! I ALWAYS knew you were destined for GREATNESS and just look at you go! This is just the tip of the iceberg my sweet babygirl! You have such a beautiful blessed journey ahead of you, and I’m so happy I get to see and share in it. I will always love you unconditionally and can’t wait to see what is about to mold you to become because THAT IS WHATS HAPPENING NOW! The the time is here and I know you are ready. Don’t ever be afraid of your magical,magnificent journey GOD ordained and planned for you for YOU ARE A GREAT WOMAN OF GOD! I love you,MOMMY

    1. Thank you so much Ma! Thanks even more for believing in me always! I receive all of this! I love you too!

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