Damn Drugs

I wrote this poem almost 2 years ago from a place of anger. I was angry seeing how drugs have and continue to destroy our communities. I was even angrier with the people in my life that use and how their actions effected me and those around them. This poem chilled in my notebook. Out of sight, out of mind right? Since then, I’ve edited and added to it. Now I can spit it from a place of love instead of bitterness. Since then I’ve healed.

Damn Drugs

Just this one time

That hit you end up

Chasing a lifetime

Using up all lifelines

The wealthy made it

To profit off of

Our ghetto losses

While we wallow in debt

To chase that hit

Many soldiers have fallen

Victim to the oppressor’s poison

Now living a life of disorder

Daddies out the house

And out on the streets

Feening but can’t buy food for the week

Momma falls victim next

With the babies there to witness

Her take that hit

Kids saying I’ll never be an addict

The law of attraction works backwards

And they end up at it

How do we break up the repetition

In this viciousness

We must stop selling to our people

We must stop poisoning ourselves

The Book of Corinthian

-Healing Painting: “Addiction”

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