Cosmic Events, Lunar Eclipse, and Healing

We currently have four planets in retrograde right now, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Venus. Retrogrades bring change, collective energy shifts, and opportunities for deep healing. We can see this in action right now as the world has been going through a deep purging since the rapid spreading of Covid 19. Racism is also a pandemic, which is being brought to light at this time in particular causing the planet to shift more in regards to unity consciousness. Its a lot, I know, but there are things being worked out right now for our highest good that we cannot see with the naked eye. What’s going on right now is a spiritual war. In the end, the light will shine through, the righteous will ascend, and the hatred and darkness will be cast out. If having four planets in retrograde isn’t enough, tomorrow (June 5th) we will have a lunar eclipse in conjunction with the full moon. For that reason, I’ve created an electronic journal to couple with the Full Moon Ritual for this cosmic event that will take place. You can access this journal by clicking on this link to my new E-Journals page. If you haven’t been able to book a session with me, attend a class, or receive a healing kit from me, please download this E-Journal. The journal is free. All that is required is that you do the inner work and answer the questions. You can either print it out and fill it out or write the answers in your own journal. I also encourage you to do your version of my favorite Full Moon Ritual to amplify the healing energy from this full moon and lunar eclipse. Also check out a past blog on Tips for Surviving Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde, and Cosmic Shifts if you need encouragement for staying ground right now.


The featured image is a picture of me back in 2018 performing some of my pieces sharing my vision. I also talked about black excellence and us moving towards a place of healing with unity consciousness as the goal. It’s amazing how much has changed since this time and I can see it more clearly now that this dream isn’t too far away. You can check out the performance here, on facebook.

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